Social Club

About Social Club

Social club is a very good tool for the GTA community but you can't do very much without it if you own or are in a crew you would use social club to create or set emblems and if you do not have any of you crew members added onto your psn account then you can make a crew message and all of your crew members will receive the message through their ps3 or even xbox through their tv screen on GTA.

Scoial club is like anoth social media networking site the only differnce is you can make an instant group chat ect. Social club is produced by rockstar them selfs the proud publishers of GTA Scocial club was first announced on the 27 March 2008 and it is still standing because it is a popular toll on the rockstar side and also in the GTA game.

Rockstar first add their crews creater on their game called Max Payne and they brought the crews over to GTA Max Payne was also a good game but NC Maphia personally feels they work better on GTA.